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About Us – Brain Circle UK
About Us

About Us

The Brain Circle UK is a British Charity dedicated to supporting education and research aimed at unlocking the mysteries of the Brain.

In 2009, the Hebrew University of Jerusalem inaugurated the Edmond and Lily Safra Center for Brain Sciences (ELSC), building upon its acknowledged excellence in neuroscience research. Today ELSC students, scientists and physicians are eagerly embracing the challenge of deciphering exactly how the brain governs all aspects of our lives and they have become known worldwide for their signature approach and some trailblazing accomplishments. In just a few years they have become known as one of the world’s leading Centers in the field and are advancing brain research to an entirely new level. There is no doubt their work will be vital to the quality of life of millions of people around the globe.

We at the Brain Circle UK have made it our mission to support and provide financial and material assistance to ELSC, aiming to help:

  • Advance global brain research towards a comprehensive understanding of the brain
  • Educate a new “renaissance” generation of scientists by providing scholarships to students in ELSC’s unique PhD Program
  • Provide the intellectual and physical environment that is essential for neuroscientists to flourish
  • Promote scientific collaborations with British scientific institutions
Mrs. Muriel Salem
Our President


Our Board Members

President: Muriel Salem

Muriel Salem
Isabelle Hotimsky
David Rothenberg

Executive Committee: 
Christine Afflelou
Anne-Pierre d’Albis-Ganem
Nathalie de Botton
Marie-Laure de Clermont-Tonnerre
Wendy Fisher
Cecile Ganansia
Laure Ghouila-Houri
Smadar Goldstein
Catherine Haddad
Harry Handelsman
Isabelle Hotimsky
Gina Khodari
Audrey Klein
Robin Ladow
Eloise Margoline
Patricia Masri
Maia Morgensztern
Olivier Rosenfeld
Karen Ruimy
Ruth Saleh
Rachel Sopher
Laurent Zmiro

Contact Head Office: +44 20 7813 0916

Address: 213 Albany Street, London NW1 4AB